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07.09.2022: Canadian Blood Services signs deal with private, for-profit company to collect blood plasma from domestic donors – The Globe and Mail

07.09.2022: Paying for blood-plasma donations is the answer to our shortages – Peter Jaworski – The Globe and Mail

07.09.2022: Canadian Blood Services signs agreement with private company to boost national plasma supply – CBC News

29.08.2022: Paying for blood and plasma donations is not the answer to our shortages – The Globe and Mail

24.08.2022: Quebec blood agency says it doesn’t need private partnership for plasma collection – The Globe and Mail

17.08.2022: Private plasma company says Canadian Blood Services plan could open up collection ban in Ontario – The Globe and Mail

13.08.2022: Canadian Blood Services in talks around paid donations of plasma as supply dwindles – CTV News

12.08.2022: Canada is already in the paid plasma business. We just like to pretend we’re not – The Globe and Mail

11.08.2022: Private companies could help add to plasma supply, says Canadian Blood Services – CBC News

11.08.2022: Facing shortage, Canadian Blood Services considers partnering with private plasma collectors – National – CBC News

10.08.2022: David Clement: Reject NDP hypocrisy and ease our plasma shortage by paying Canadian donors – Financial Post

10.08.2022: Canadian Blood Services eyes getting plasma from paid donors amid supply challenges – The Globe and Mail

21.07.2022: NRBDO Letter to OPSEU in response to their recent open letter to CBS – NRBDO Executive Director

29.06.2022: Minister Vandal announces federal funding to help Saskatchewan businesses innovate and grow


19.11.2020: Canada Inches Closer to Allowing More People To Be Paid for Plasma – Reason

17.11.2020: Paying for blood and plasma in Alberta? Bill allowing it passes in the legislature – Global News

17.11.2020: Bill to reverse ban on paid blood donations passes Alberta Legislature – MyMcMurray

29.10.2020: McCOLL: Ending Alberta’s paid plasma ban is the right thing to do – The Western Standard

22.10.2020: Canadian Plasma Resources is announced the Gold Winner of CANADA’s Safest New Employer 2020

26.09.2020: Plasma Series Interviews – Radio Free Norfolk – Shelby Rendall (CPR)

25.09.2020: Canadian Plasma Resources Ranks No. 36 on TheGlobe and Mail’s second-annual ranking of 2020 Canada’s 400 Top Growing Companies

22.10.2020: Network of Rare Blood Disorder Organizations Letter to MLA Tany Yao about The Voluntary Blood Donations Repeal Act, Bill 204

28.08.2020: Why isn’t Canada a net contributor to the global plasma supply? – Policy Options – Peter M. Jaworski

13.08.2020: Not compensating Canadian blood plasma donors means potentially risky reliance on foreign plasma – The Conversation – Peter M. Jaworski

31.07.2020: GUEST COLUMN: UCP MLA’s private member’s blood bill a golden opportunity – Edmonton Sun

20.07.2020: Private member’s bill to reverse ban on paid blood donations to be heard in Alberta legislature – CBC News

14.07.2020: MLAs to hear from stakeholders on repeal of paid blood donation ban – CBC News

10.07.2020: UCP backbencher proposes lifting ban on selling blood, plasma – Edmonton Journal

09.07.2020: Bill 204 and possible changes to plasma donation in Alberta – Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge

08.07.2020: UCP bill will allow private sale of blood – Western Standard

06.07.2020: Plasma project could use blood of more than 500 COVID-19 survivors to help save the newly infected – The Globe and Mail

02.07.2020: Americans Get Paid To Donate Plasma. Everyone Else Should Too – Reason

29.06.2020: A Closer Look at Blood Plasma Donations in Canada – Second Street – Interview with Kate van der Meer

29.06.2020: CLEMENT: Banning paid blood donations only forces us to pay for foreign donations – Western Standard

26.06.2020: Opinion: Alberta should repeal laws against paying plasma donors – Calgary Herald

25.06.2020: Paid Plasma in Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge – Interview with Dr. Barzin Bahardoust

18.06.2020: UCP MLA’s private member’s bill aims to lift Alberta’s ban on private sale of blood products – Global News

17.06.2020: MORGAN: The NDP aren’t so pro-choice when it comes to blood donors – Western Standard

17.06.2020: Corbella: You should be able to sell your own blood, and here’s why – Calgary Herald

16.06.2020: Government MLA’s private member’s bill seeks to repeal Alberta’s ban on private blood purchases – CTV News

16.06.2020: UCP to allow private sale of blood in Alberta – Western Standard

15.06.2020: Canada needs to allow compensation for plasma donors – Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge

15.06.2020: It’s time to think seriously about paying blood donors – Stuff

14.06.2020: Bloody Well Pay Them: The Case for Voluntary Remunerated Plasma Collections – Niskanen Center

05.05.2020: Opinion on COVID-19: Canada needs to pay plasma donors to protect its domestic supply – National Post

13.04.2020: Coronavirus survivors may carry ‘superhero’ antibodies and hope they can help others – CBC News

26.03.2020: Plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients in Canada could be studied as potential treatment – CTV News

04.03.2020: Takeda Initiates Development of a Plasma-Derived Therapy for COVID-19

20.01.2020: Should we pay plasma donors? – Radio National – Interview with Professor Robert Slonim


15.11.2018: Should we pay people for donating blood – BBC News 

05.09.2018: How Australia can fix the market for plasma and save millions – The Conversation Canada

22.08.2018: Societal Support for Paying Plasma Donors in Canada – Research Briefs in Economic Policy No. 127 – CATO Institute

16.08.2018: Marni Soupcoff: Politicians like Pamela Wallin shouldn’t be messing with our blood supply – National Post

26.07.2018: Donation Ethics expresses concerns about a Senator’s proposal to ban compensation for blood plasma donations in Canada. –

13.06.2018: Why we should pay Canadian donors for their blood plasma donations – Maclean’s

28.05.2018: The debate in Canada over paying plasma donors – Policy Options

26.05.2018: COMMENTARY: Bans on paid plasma donations make no sense – Global News – Rob Breakenridge

26.05.2018: Why does Canada use more human plasma than almost any other country? – CBC – Second Opinion

23.05.2018: Paid Plasma – Global News Radio – Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge

23.05.2018: Plasma medications from paid donors are safe: federal panel

16.05.2018: Moral nimby-ism? Understanding societal support for monetary compensation to plasma donors in Canada – The Canadian Centre for Health Economics

12.05.2018: Lift bans on paying for human-blood plasma – The Economist

11.05.2018: Paid plasma donations save money – Times Colonist 

10.05.2018: America’s booming blood-plasma industry – The Economist

10.05.2018: Bans on paying for human blood distort a vital global market – The Economist

03.05.2018: Canada needs paid plasma donations – Consumer Choice Center Cast

01.05.2018: Advocates and critics of pay-for-plasma clinics await Health Canada report – CTV News

25.02.2018: The debate over paying Canadians for plasma – CBC Radio

18.01.2018: Canada Is A Vampire Country Purchasing U.S. Blood Products – American Council on Science and Health

16.01.2018: It’s time to legalize paid plasma donations in Ontario – Toronto Star – David Clement

16.01.2018: Ethicists and Economists express concerns about banning compensation for plasma donors with regards to ensuring the security of a safe Immune Globulin Product Supply.

12.01.2018: Blood collection system is not at risk – TheRecord.Com – Pierre Sabourin, Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Products and Food Branch – Health Canada


28.09.2016: Paying donors for plasma doesn’t put patients at risk – The Medicine Hat News

12.05.2016 The case for paying blood plasma donors in Canada: we already pay Americans – CBC Radio – The 180

05.04.2016 Debate on Paying for plasma – CBC Maritime Noon

05.04.2016 Breakenridge: There’s nothing wrong with compensating plasma donors – Calgary Herald

03.04.2016 Opinion: Pay-for-plasma poses no threat – By Terry Lake, The B.C. Minister of Health – Vancouver Sun

07.03.2016 Saskatoon’s pay-for-plasma clinic comes under fire in House of Commons – CBC News Saskatoon

26.02.2016 Paying for plasma is no big deal, but CanadianBlood Services has no loyalty to a new Canadian clinic – Regina Leader Post

19.02.2016 Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders Congratulates Saskatoon Plasma Collection Facility – CNW

18.02.2016 Canadian plasma clinic that pays donors $25 per visit opens in Saskatoon – CBC News Saskatoon

18.02.2016 Duncan defends controversial blood plasma clinic in Saskatoon – Phoenix News

18.02.2016 Controversial plasma collection clinic now open in Saskatoon – Global News

18.02.2016 Private plasma donor clinic opens in Saskatoon – CTV News Saskatoon

18.02.2016 Statement from Canadian Blood Services: Payment for Plasma Donation – CBS

05.02.2016 Push to ban for-profit blood clinic – CTV News Saskatoon

05.02.2016 CUPE calls for ban on paid plasma donations in Saskatchewan – CBC News Saskatoon

04.02.2016 CUPE calls on Sask. government to ban private, paid-for plasma donations – CTV News Regina

02.02.2016 Plasma Collection in Canada- Anna Maria Tremonti (Audio) – CBC Current Program

19.01.2016 Breakfast Buzz: Should we pay for plasma donations? – Global News


16.10.2013 When we compensate plasma donors, we save lives – Forbes

29.07.2013 Durhane Wong-Rieger: The case for paid plasma donations – Full Comment – National Post

26.07.2013 Compensated Donors and Safety: Canadian Debate Guided by Emotion not Facts – The Source

25.07.2013 Paid plasma clinic expects Health Canada approval – Health –

04.07.2013 There’s Nothing Exploitative About Paying for Blood Donations – The Huffington Post

28.06.2013 Health minister solicits feedback on plasma donations – Life – Toronto Star

27.06.2013 Round Table Discussion on Payment of Plasma Donors in Canada – Summary Report – Health Canada

29.05.2013: Policy on paid plasma donation – Background Document – Canadian Hemophilia Society

29.05.2013 The Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) policy on paid plasma donation  – The Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS)

27.05.2013 Rewarding blood donors with gifts increases blood supply, study finds – Health & Wellness – Toronto Star

15.04.2013 Should we pay for blood? – Maclean’s

12.04.2013 Health Canada to seek feedback on payment for blood plasma – Health – CBC News

12.04.2013 Plasma Donation in Canada – Health Canada

10.04.2013 Paid plasma donors debated in roundtable – Health & Wellness – Toronto Star

18.03.2013 Thousands of Canadians depend on plasma from paid donors – Commentary – Toronto Star

17.03.2013 Jesse Kline on paying for blood donations: Putting lives ahead of ideology – Full Comment – National Post

13.03.2013 Prohibiting pay-for-plasma would harm patients – Commentary – Toronto Star

13.03.2013 Canadian Blood Services clarifies its role in the national and international collection and use of plasma

26.02.2013 Transcript – CBC Radio 1 CBVE interview with National Executive Director of Canadian Hemophilia Society David Page