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Reasons to Donate

The main reason to donate? Plasma donated by healthy donors can help others.

Plasma that is safe and high quality is further manufactured into therapies to treat a variety of health conditions.  Tens of thousands of Canadian patients and millions globally benefit, such as those with:

  • immune deficiencies.
  • autoimmune disorders.
  • respiratory disorders.
  • hemophilia.
  • liver disorders.
  • surgical bleeding.
  • burns and shock.

Some patients require regular treatments because of chronic genetic conditions. In some cases, about 1,000 donations are needed each year to create enough therapies for one patient.

Our country is one of the world’s largest per capita users of immunoglobulin therapies — just one type of plasma-derived product. But we don’t control our own supply of these vital medicines.

Right now, Canada is dependent on the United States for plasma products.  Eighty per cent of immunoglobulin therapies used in Canada are made from plasma obtained from paid donors in the US.

Our goal at Canadian Plasma Resources is to help Canada become more self-sufficient in plasma-derived products.

You can help. Your plasma donations will help save lives and improve the integrity of Canada’s healthcare system.

The plasma donation process takes some time and we appreciate that your time is valuable. Compensation for donors’ time is standard practice in the plasma industry. Health Canada says paid plasma donors are critical to achieving self-sufficiency of blood products for Canada.