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Super Hero Rewards

Thank you for giving plasma! We consider donors to be super heroes, because they dedicate themselves to helping others.

We believe superheroes should be rewarded for their good deeds. That’s why we have the Super Hero Loyalty program.

These points are in addition to the compensation we provide qualified donors.

What is Super Hero Rewards?

Super Hero Rewards is a donor loyalty program enables donors to receive bonus compensation. The more you donate plasma, the higher your reward level will be and the more compensation you will receive.

How do I become a member of the Super Hero Rewards Program?

Anyone who gives plasma after January 1, 2017 at any Canadian Plasma Resources facility is automatically enrolled as a member of the Super Hero Loyalty Program.

What are the rewards levels?

All donors start at the Orange level and can subsequently reach Silver and Gold levels by donating plasma frequently.

How do I move to Silver or Gold Levels?

If you donate twice per week for two consecutive weeks you will move one level up. For example, if you start donating plasma on July 6, 2020, you will start out at the Orange level. Assuming you donate twice per week moving forward, you will reach Silver level the week of July 20, 2020.

To reach Gold level, you must donate plasma twice per week for two more consecutive weeks after the initial two consecutive weeks, though these do not need to occur back to back. Using the same example as above, assuming you reach Silver level the week of July 20, 2020 after donating twice per week for two consecutive weeks, you will reach Gold level by the week of August 3rd assuming you continue to give plasma at the same rate. If you only donate plasma once during the week of July 20th (after reaching Silver level) then donate plasma twice per week for the two weeks that follow, you will reach Gold level by the week of August 10, 2020.

Can I lose my Gold or Silver level?

If you miss donations in a given week (calendar week) you will fall back to the Orange level. To maintain your level you have to donate at least once per calendar week.

 Who will be eligible to receive Super Hero rewards?

At CPR we have two sets of rewards:

1) Monthly draws are open to any Super Hero who has made a donation during that month;

2) Bonus compensation is based on donors’ Super Hero level.

Do my visits still count towards the Super Hero program if I was deferred?

Only donors that are deemed eligible to donate plasma and make a successful donation will entre the Super Hero Loyalty program.

May I transfer my points to someone else?

No. These points are one of the ways that we thank you for saving lives by donating Plasma. They cannot be transferred to another person.

Super Hero Draws & Rewards

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