Common Misconceptions about Plasma Donation

Friday February 23rd, 2018

Each day, our dedicated team at Canadian Plasma Resources considers ourselves immensely fortunate to have a selfless community of donors who are just as passionate as we are about saving lives through plasma donation. However, most of the time, our new donors express that they’d been curious about plasma donation for a while before actually […]

Top 4 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Winter Months

Wednesday February 14th, 2018

While the wintery months can be characterized by cloud-like snowfalls, cozy fireside chats, and playful afternoons spent tobogganing – they are also synonymous with flu season. Unfortunately, cold and flu season is no joke. A simple cold can leave you feeling miserable and congested for weeks at a time, and contracting the flu is a […]

The Top 3 Qualities that make you a First Class Plasma Donor

Wednesday February 7th, 2018

  At Canadian Plasma Resources, we’re fortunate enough to have a strong community of donors who are passionate about helping others. However, although that may be so, the startling reality is that Canada still remains heavily dependent upon paid donors in the United States to meet the needs of it’s citizens who rely on plasma […]

Spotlight on a Superhero: Geordan Samuels

Thursday February 1st, 2018

  In the world of medicine, innovations are always occurring. Every day, cutting-edge pharmaceutical research is being conducted globally to help those who are battling illness live their fullest lives. However – one thing in the industry remains constant: donors of bodily fluids are lifesavers. Each day at our Canadian Plasma Resources clinics, we’re fortunate […]

Why were Passionate about Plasma Donation

Thursday January 25th, 2018

Think about the next ten years of your life – what do you see? A career change? A new family pet? A slick new vehicle to showcase in your driveway? Chances are developing a serious illness that requires a daily dosage of a plasma protein product to be managed doesn’t come to mind. If so, […]

Nobel Prize Winners Urge Canada to Pay Plasma Donors

Monday January 22nd, 2018

Each and everyday, countless Canadians rely upon plasma-protein therapies to manage their acute illnesses. However, a startling truth about the current plasma landscape in our country is that 80% of all Canadian blood plasma therapies are brought in from paid donors in the United States. Furthermore, while community driven “blood drives” are a popular way […]

How to Stay Fit to Maintain your Status as a Plasma Donor

Friday January 12th, 2018

At Canadian Plasma Resources, we’re always actively seeking out new individuals who are enthusiastic about the opportunity to become plasma donors. Having a strong community of healthy donors within our midst is vital for our ability to help save lives, so we are always encouraging prospective and current donors to be mindful of their nutrition […]

Why we appreciate our Donors

Thursday December 28th, 2017

As December comes to a close, our team at Canadian Plasma Resources has been reflecting on the year that has passed. In 2017, we were lucky enough to meet countless new donors who were as enthusiastic about giving back as we are. Each day, we’re greeted by the cheery faces of our donors who take […]

Get your Community Excited about Plasma Donation

Thursday December 21st, 2017

We’re all aware that blood drives are immensely popular. Everyday, Canadians from coast to coast rely upon blood transfusions to enable them to survive serious illnesses and traumatic accidents. Due to the huge need for blood donations in Canada, community leaders began promoting blood drives across the country, effectively turning blood donation into a popular […]

Ways to Donate Your Plasma for Money And Other Scientific Research in Canada

Thursday December 14th, 2017

It’s no secret that the holidays, as joyous as they are, take a toll on the wallet. Whether you’ve spent a lot this festive season and are temporarily cash strapped, or you’re saving up for something sweet  – we could all use a little extra cash. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that you […]