How Plasma Helps: Leukemia

juin 13, 2018

At Canadian Plasma Resources, our primary motivation for inspiring our communities to donate plasma is this simple fact – plasma saves lives. There are a wide variety of illnesses that depend upon plasma protein products to be managed. Health is never promised, and across our country hundreds of people just like you rely upon the […]

Top Outdoor Summer Workout Activities to Stay Healthy

juin 8, 2018

Canadian winters are nothing to scoff at. With subzero temperatures keeping everyone indoors for a good portion of the year, summertime is always welcomed with open arms. Everyone deserves to enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts. There are a wide variety of activities to partake in outside that allow people to truly relish in […]

All about our New CPR Facebook Group

juin 1, 2018

At Canadian Plasma Resources, we’re continuously seeking to uncover new ways to bolster our community by connecting with our generous donors! From our Instagram, to our Facebook pages (General, Saskatoon, and Moncton), to even our informative blog, providing our donors with information about the world of plasma donation and how it saves lives is one […]

Best Breakfast Options to Start your Day off Well

mai 22, 2018

There’s a reason why people are always saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you can probably relate to it. Ever roll out of bed, grab a handful of cereal and hit the road only to feel dull and drained an hour later? What you choose to put in your […]

Reasons to Donate Plasma (VIDEO)

mai 17, 2018

To give plasma is to give life. Each day at Canadian Plasma Resources, we are actively working to empower our communities to learn more about the need for plasma donation in our country. Within our nations vast borders, tens of thousands of patients each day benefit from plasma-protein products. At CPR, we collect quality plasma […]

What Illnesses are managed by Plasma Protein Products?

mai 14, 2018

At Canadian Plasma Resources, plasma is, quite literally, the name of our game. It is our commitment to encourage our community get involved in the world of plasma donation. Why? Well, we have witnessed the power of plasma protein products and their effects on those suffering with a wide variety of illnesses across Canada. Our […]

Spotlight on a Superhero: Jeanny Buan

mai 4, 2018

In the world of medicine, innovations are always occurring. Every day, cutting edge pharmaceutical research is being conducted globally to help those who are battling illness live their fullest lives. However – one thing in the industry remains constant: donors of bodily fluids are lifesavers. Each day at our Canadian Plasma Resources clinics, we’re fortunate […]

Ways to Pass Time During your Donation

avril 30, 2018

If you’re a frequent donor at Canadian Plasma Resources, we’re confident that you’ve gotten into your appointment groove. Show up, chitchat with our friendly nurses, donate, collect your compensation, and then head out for a celebratory meal! However, if you’re new to the Canadian Plasma Resources community, you may still be figuring out how exactly […]

Our Top Tips for Sneaking Veggies into your Diet

avril 23, 2018

At Canadian Plasma Resources, there’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing our donors feeling the best that they can. We’re always encouraging our community to adopt healthy practices, and that includes eating a balanced diet. Although it may take a little effort, being mindful about your health is well worth the time-investment. However, if you’re […]

Best Places to Grab a Bite After your Donation: Moncton Edition

avril 13, 2018

Although our donors are as humble as they come, giving plasma is a caring and altruistic act that deserves recognition. Going out of your way to donate saves lives, and therefore, we often encourage our donors to create a celebratory self-care ritual surrounding their appointments. One of the most popular things that people choose to […]