What will I learn about my health when donating?

Monday May 16th, 2016

Making the choice to donate plasma means you believe you are in good health.

That’s great news!

Plasma can be turned into therapies to treat health conditions, such as immune deficiencies, respiratory disorders, and burns and shock.

In order to produce those therapies, the plasma collected must be safe and of a high quality.

At Canadian Plasma Resources, there are steps we take to make sure those donating are in the good health.

We ask you to fill out a questionnaire. The form includes questions about:

  • your general wellbeing
  • your medication use
  • any symptoms of infection or disease diagnoses
  • your surgical history
  • your travel history

Taking some medication? It’s important to check the name of it before coming in, so you can provide more specific information. It can be difficult to determine what you are taking if you can only describe the colour and size of the pills.

Next, our medical professionals check your temperature, blood pressure, pulse and hemoglobin.

Further testing is done after you donate. Your plasma sample is tested for HIV, Hepatitis and other transmissible diseases.

Should the results of those tests come back indicating you have acquired an infection, you will be notified in confidence. Most often, the donor is contacted by phone. It’s important to leave a phone number that is specific to you and not a general contact phone number. If the donor can’t be reached by phone, a certified letter would be sent.

If you have reason to believe there has been a change in your health, we recommend you visit a doctor before visiting Canadian Plasma Resources. They are a better resource to help you understand and manage your health.

There is a long record of safety with plasma protein products. According to the Canadian Hemophilia Society and Health Canada, not a single case of HIV, hepatitis B or C has been transmitted by a plasma product in the last 20-plus years.

At Canadian Plasma Resources, the steps we take to make sure those donating are in the good health are how we make sure that record continues.