What’s ahead in year 2 in Saskatoon

Thursday March 2nd, 2017

thank you

Can you believe it? One year has already passed since we opened our clinic in Saskatoon.

Saturday, Feb. 25 marked our one-year anniversary and we want to thank the people of this great city for their generosity and support.

Here’s to many more years and thousands more donations in Saskatoon.

Ten of thousands of Canadians benefit from donations, including patients with immune deficiencies, liver disorders or bleeding from surgical procedures. In unique cases, more than 1,000 donations are needed each year to create enough therapies for just one patient.

In our first year, we saw approximately 1,000 donors registered, with a little more than half of those being women. We also found that men tend to donate more frequently.

What’s in store for year 2? One of our target goals in Saskatoon is to boost the number of appointments and bookings each week.

Currently, we have about 315 appointments available per week and are booking about 65 per cent of those. Our goal is to book 75 per cent of our appointments. And you can help us get there, Saskatoon.

Booking an appointment is easy. The old-fashioned phone call to our clinic works just fine (306-500-7490), or you can ‘Like’ our Facebook page and book a time there. You can also visit our website to find a date and time that works for your schedule.

Thank you for the kind words you’ve shared about our team. We’ve enjoyed helping you make a difference in the lives of others.

We consider our plasma donor to be super heroes and we feel super heroes should be rewarded for their generosity. Super Hero Rewards is our donor loyalty program that allows you to receive points for each completed donation. You can redeem these points for valuable thank-you gifts.

The more you donate plasma the more points you receive, and acquire a higher reward level. At CPR we also have quarterly draws with prizes valued at over $2,000. Only donors with higher reward levels (silver and gold) can participate in the draw. It’s just one more thing we’re excited to deliver during year two in Saskatoon.

Your experience is important to us and we appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. It’s your input that helps us deliver an experience that makes you feel comfortable.

With the donor in mind, we’re aiming to expand our operations – staff and equipment – and triple the number of available appointments, making the donation process a lot smoother.

So, here’s to year two! We hope to see you again soon and to meet many more of you as we continue to grow in Saskatoon.