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The Importance of Paid Plasma Donations During a Supply Shortage

February 1, 2023

Plasma donation is the only way to ensure that people who rely on plasma protein therapies have access to the medications and treatments they need to live healthy, well-rounded lives. These patients rely on generous donors to sustain their lives. 

What is Plasma Used For?

Plasma, a straw-coloured component of blood, is used to treat immunocompromised patients as well as trauma, burn, and shock victims. It contains proteins that are essential for treating patients with autoimmune diseases and bleeding disorders, such as primary immunodeficiency disease and Von Willebrand disease. 

What Caused the Plasma Shortage? 

The current plasma shortage was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic supply shortages across the board due to inflation, increased demand and shipping costs, weight producers, exporters and more.  

After the pandemic broke out in 2020, plasma donations remained below pre-pandemic levels, in a study conducted that analyzed plasma donations from 2019-2021. 
Pandemic aside, the demand for plasma has been increasing by 6-10% each year. Canada outsources 80% of our required plasma because Canadians don’t supply enough to meet our own country’s needs. Relying on other countries, such as the United States, poses risks to our supply, as if we are outbid by other countries, our plasma supply will be short and patients will suffer.

How Can Paid Plasma Help With the Shortage?

Paid plasma helps to guarantee a steady, secure supply of plasma. Paying donors encourages consistent donation, and we are proud to fairly compensate our donors for their time and effort.

How Can You Help?

When you donate plasma, you provide immunocompromised patients with the treatments that they need to live healthy lives. 
At Canadian Plasma Resources, you can earn up to $400/month by consistently donating plasma twice per week! Book a plasma donation appointment at a centre near you to help others while also supplementing your income.