Start your summer on a positive note

Thursday June 8th, 2017

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Knowing you helped someone in need is one of the best feelings there is. It’s that sense of pride that can kickstart your summer in the right direction.

Donating plasma should be included on your seasonal to-do list. Before you board that flight on vacation remember to stop by our Saskatoon clinic and roll up your sleeve.

That relaxing afternoon spent at the beach will be even more fulfilling after you’ve donated plasma.

What’s in it for you? Our generous donors are well compensated for their kindness.

Our Super Hero Rewards Points program ensures your plasma donation is rewarded through various levels of compensation.

Matthew Murray was the winner of our first 2017 Superhero quarterly draw (Jan to March 2017). He won a $2000 Air Canada gift card.

Plus, there are random prize draws for frequent donors.

Carla Janzen was random prize winner in April. She collected a $100 gift card from Walmart.

Be sure to tell others about your good deed. Visit the Canadian Plasma Resources Facebook page or our Twitter feed to share your story.

Encourage others to follow your lead. It could pay off.

When you refer a friend or family member, co-worker or classmate, you’ll be further compensated.

Our referral program nets current donors an extra $50 if he/she can successfully donate. You’ll receive $50 on the Friday of the week the friend donated. (Previously the amount was $25 and the friend had to donate twice before the bonus was given. In short, the amount is doubled and it is much easier and faster to get the reward).

We know your summer schedule can fill up in a hurry. Don’t forget about making your plasma donation before life gets too busy.

The donation process is relatively quick and simple. Our friendly staff will explain everything you need to know prior to donating.

Whatever your summer plans entail, be sure to include a stop at our clinic for a plasma donation.