Sharing your experience giving plasma

Monday March 6th, 2017

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If you are thinking about donating:

It’s your first time and you’re allowed to feel nervous. Maybe the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect has you on edge.

We’re here to calm any nerves you may have and help you feel comfortable about donating plasma. Our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have, and even give you information you may not have known to request.

Our website can provide additional information to help your donation experience a positive one. We want you to be fully aware of what’s involved in donating plasma.

But we know that sometimes you want to hear from people who have experienced it for themselves to decide if this is something you want to do.

Facebook and Google are two places to learn what our donors have to say about giving plasma.

Googling Canadian Plasma Resources will bring up a map to our location in your search results.

Google Maps allows reviews. When you visit a place, you can share your experience so others can decide if they too would like to check it out.

Our donors have shared their reviews, so you can see for yourself what they have to say.

We also have reviews shared on Facebook.

One of donors recently said, “As much as I dislike the getting poked with a needle part, the staff make it all bearable! Kind, friendly, professional and great at making me comfortable.”

If you are a donor:

We want you to share your positive experience with others.  Tell your friends, family or classmates and coworkers how you stepped up and helped out with a donation.

Like the Canadian Plasma Resources page and share your experience. Or give a review on Google Maps. Help those thinking about giving plasma make a decision.

Another option is to refer someone. We have a referral program that gives donors additional compensation for encouraging others to give plasma.

In March, you’ll be eligible to collect an extra $50 when you refer a friend to our clinic. If he/she can successfully donate, then you’ll receive $50 on the Friday of the week the friend donated.

(Previously the amount was $25 and the friend had to donate twice before the bonus was given. In short, the amount is doubled and it is much easier and faster to get the reward).

Not only is there a financial incentive to donate plasma, but there’s also a feeling of fulfilment and pride when you’ve done a good deed. Knowing the plasma you donated will be used to help someone has that impact on a person.