Refer a friend to boost your compensation

Wednesday April 19th, 2017


Not only is there a financial incentive to donate plasma, but there’s also a feeling of pride when you’ve done a good deed.

Knowing that the plasma you donated will be used to help someone has that impact on a person.

Be proud of your moment. Tell others about it, whether it’s on the Canadian Plasma Resources Facebook page or on our Twitter feed (@GivePlasma). Share your story with others.

Better yet, why not encourage others in your life to follow your lead? It could pay off – for both of you.

When you refer a friend or family member, co-worker or classmate, you’ll be further compensated.

Our referral program nets current donors an extra $50 if he/she can successfully donate. You’ll receive $50 on the Friday of the week the friend donated. (Previously the amount was $25 and the friend had to donate twice before the bonus was given. In short, the amount is doubled and it is much easier and faster to get the reward).

You could donate together. Some look at it as a scheduled time to reconnect. It can become a regular appointment you set aside to spend time together.

The compensation can go towards doing even more together. Spend it on tickets to concerts or games or maybe that trip you’ve always talked about.

The good word about Canadian Plasma Resources is spreading quickly. Did you know that we’ve seen 291 new donors registered since the beginning of January 2017? We’ve had 51 donors give plasma at least 10 times during the first quarter, and 114 donors give at least times during that time.

Of course, they’ve all been compensated. In addition to that, there is our Super Hero Rewards Points program that offers more to the most loyal donors. Prize draws for this quarter include Saskatchewan Roughriders tickets and a fan bus experience, as well as a $2,000 Air Canada voucher.

You might be surprised who else in your life is interested, but hesitated because they needed to hear firsthand about the experience of donating plasma. Sharing your story will let them know what to expect. That’s one more good deed you can feel positive about.