The math of compensation – how does it all add up?

Monday March 13th, 2017

Your time is valuable and your generosity is appreciated. This is why we compensate our donors.

The more often you donate, the more you’ll be compensated. It’s that simple.

Book your appointments on Wednesdays and donate once a week for the maximum compensation.

Here’s how it breaks down.

First, you become a qualified donor. (After your first donation, you are classified as an applicant donor. After your second donation, should you and your donations pass all the screening, you’ll be upgraded to a qualified donor.)

This is when your compensation kicks in. You receive a Donor Value Card which will be credited after each donation. (A Donor Value Card is a non-transferable VISA card. It’s not redeemable for cash, but it is accepted everywhere VISA is.)

After your second approved donation, your card is credited $70.

You are credited $25 for your third donation and another $25 for your fourth.

Your fifth is a credit of $50.

Then, you are credited $25 each for your sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth donations.

For that tenth donation, you are credited $100 – if those ten donations are given during a quarter.

You can donate once a week. That can mean three more donations in that quarter at $25 each.

Plus, there is a Wednesday bonus. Those who give plasma that day of the week

Donors who give on Wednesdays get a bonus $5. Make all your appointments on Wednesdays and that adds up to another $65.

Check your balance on your Donor Value card anytime by logging onto our website using your donor username and password.

Plus, there is the Super Hero Rewards Program. All qualified donors are enrolled. What this means is you’ll receive points for each completed donation, points you can redeem for valuable thank-you gifts. The more you donate plasma, the more points you receive, pushing you into higher reward levels.

At Canadian Plasma Resources, we also have quarterly draws with prizes that include tickets to Saskatoon Blades and Saskatchewan Rush games, an Air Canada travel voucher, and more. Only donors with higher reward levels (silver and gold) can participate in those draws. Follow us on Facebook to find out who is our latest winner!

Giving plasma is a noble decision and the time it takes to give is precious, which is why we want our donors to know they are appreciated. Thank you for your dedication to helping others.