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Why Donate Plasma? 3 Reasons to Donate During the Holidays

décembre 16, 2021

The holiday season is here, and one of the best ways to spread some cheer is by donating plasma! Plasma donation is a mutually beneficial act that benefits both donors and patients alike. If you’ve been thinking about donating plasma lately, we’re going to give you three reasons you should do just that in this blog!

What does plasma donation do?

Plasma donation is an incredible process that can ultimately help save lives. Plasma is a protein-packed component of blood that is used as a key ingredient in many medications. It sustains the lives of patients living with immune deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, and clotting disorders, but that can only happen because generous donors willingly choose to give plasma. 

What is donating plasma like?

The plasma donation process involves four steps – registering, screening, donating, and relaxing. During the donation portion of this process, donors are intravenously connected to a plasmapheresis machine that separates plasma from other cellular components found in blood and returns those other cellular components to your body. The plasmapheresis process takes approximately 50 minutes to complete. 

3 Reasons to Donate Plasma This Holiday Season

Now that you’re familiar with what plasma donation entails, let’s get into all the reasons you should give plasma during this time of year!

1. Get Some Me-Time

Because the plasmapheresis process takes roughly 50 minutes, you can get some much-needed me-time while donating plasma. During this time, you can read, watch TV, listen to a podcast, or put on your favourite tunes all from the comfort of our donor beds. 

Given how busy the holiday season can be, getting time to relax, unwind, and do what you please is a welcome respite! 

2. Earn Extra Spending Money

Plasma donation is an excellent way to supplement your income and earn extra spending money this holiday season! At Canadian Plasma Resources, we’ve always believed in compensating our donors for the time and effort they put into donating plasma. Compensating donors is also the only way to ensure a secure supply of plasma for patients who rely on plasma-derived treatments. 

You can earn up to $400/month when you donate plasma at our centres!

3. Help Others Enjoy the Holidays Too

Last but certainly not least, the holidays are all about the spirit of giving, and there’s no better gift to give than the gift of life! By donating plasma, you can help patients with rare and chronic diseases manage their conditions and lead healthier lives.  

All in all, plasma donation truly encompasses the spirit of the holiday season. If you’d like to give back and get rewarded for your contributions, book a plasma donation appointment today! Happy holidays!