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juillet 26, 2019

Plasma donation is a safe process that closely resembles the blood donation process. During plasma donation, whole blood is drawn and plasma, a straw-coloured liquid that is packed with proteins, is separated from blood via a process called plasmapheresis. Since blood is drawn during plasma donation, it is vital that donors replenish themselves so they can avoid a drop in blood pressure and replace lost fluids.

Certain foods are much more effective when it comes to replenishing the nutrients your body has lost after plasma donation. Here are all the best foods to eat after donating:

Foods Rich in Folic Acid

Folic acid, also known as B-9, is a form of folate that helps to create new red blood cells in your body. This B vitamin also helps to replace the blood cells that are lost during plasma donation. Foods that are rich in folic acid include asparagus, liver, leafy greens like spinach and kale, and orange juice.

Foods Rich in Vitamin B-2

Vitamin B-2, or Riboflavin, is also vital to the production of red blood cells. It is necessary for normal cell function and growth, and can effectively fight fatigue by turning carbohydrates into energy. Foods that have a high amount of vitamin B-2 include green vegetables, nuts, eggs, meats, and dairy products like yogurt and milk.

Foods Rich in Iron

Iron is a nutrient that helps transport oxygen to tissues and is essential to maintaining strength and energy in your body. During the plasma donation process, iron is removed from your body, which may cause fatigue and weakness. To replace the iron you have lost and maintain healthy levels of this important nutrient, consume iron-rich foods like beans, whole grains, meat, fish, and nuts after donating.

You should also try to consume vitamin C-rich foods to help with the absorption of iron and mitigate fatigue. Good sources of vitamin C include broccoli, leafy greens, and citrus fruits.


Replenishing yourself with liquids is equally as important as consuming food after plasma donation. Juice is a good beverage to drink immediately after donating because the sugar in it will help you to refuel. Continue to drink lots of water 24-48 hours after donating plasma to rehydrate and prevent your blood pressure from getting too low.

At Canadian Plasma Resources, we care about the health of our donors and understand the importance of rest and replenishment after donating. That’s why we provide our donors with delicious snacks and refreshing beverages that they can enjoy in our waiting room after donation. We also recommend that our donors eat a healthy, well-balanced meal once they return to their residence.

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