Our Superhero Prizes Uncovered

août 30, 2018

Everyday in our beautiful nation, countless Canadian citizens rely upon the healing properties of plasma protein products to manage their illnesses.

At Canadian Plasma Resources, we are dedicated to enhancing our country’s supply of plasma, so that we can work towards allowing our nation to rely less on others for the critical plasma that produces these therapies.

We wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without the selfless donations we receive from our Superheroes.

Yes, they walk among us! As tribute to the noble deeds that our donors are doing whenever they choose to visit our clinics, we dubbed them with this fun nickname that highlights exactly why they’re so special – they’re saving lives!

In addition to our standard donation compensations, we thank our superheroes for their heroic acts by giving out both monthly and quarterly prizes. Here are some of the prizes we’ve awarded donors in the past:

  1. $2000 Air Canada Vouchers
  2. Phenomenal tickets to CFL games
  3. Gift cards to local hotspot restaurants
  4. Gift cards to big box stores

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