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5 Benefits of Donating Plasma

août 21, 2020

Plasma donation is a fulfilling experience from start to finish. Not only does this act of kindness help patients in need, but there are also many positive aspects of plasma donation for donors themselves. If you’re thinking about becoming a donor, these 5 benefits of donating plasma should be taken into consideration!

1. Compensation

At Canadian Plasma Resources, we compensate our donors to show our appreciation for the time and effort they put into donating plasma. With our new Super Hero Rewards loyalty program, Orange level donors can earn up to $80 per week, Silver level donors can earn up to $85 per week, and Gold level donors can earn up to $90 per week. If donors retain their Gold status throughout the year, they can earn up to $520 in additional compensation for the whole year!

2. Me-Time

After everything that’s gone on over the past few months, all of us deserve to relax, unwind, and get some much-needed me-time. Plasma donation is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

The plasmapheresis portion of the plasma donation process, where donors are intravenously connected to apheresis machines that receive and separate donor blood into its individual components, takes roughly 50 minutes to complete. During this time, our donors typically read novels, listen to podcasts, or watch their favourite TV series.

3. Improved Heath

One benefit of regularly donating plasma that isn’t often discussed is the fact that doing so can actually improve the health of the donor. The rigid screening processes donors undergo prior to donating, including blood pressure measurements and temperature checks, allow them to know their current health status. This can help with early disease detection. 

4. Exciting Giveaways and Bonuses

We have plenty of exciting giveaways and bonus opportunities for our plasma donors throughout the year. With our Super Hero Rewards program, donors who give plasma at least once a month are automatically entered into our monthly Walmart Gift Card prize draws. We’re also giving away a brand new iPhone 11 Pro to one lucky donor this month!

In addition to our giveaways, we also regularly host events where we give donors the opportunity to earn additional compensation. If donors refer a friend or family member through our donor referral program, they can earn a $25 bonus!

5. Helping Others

One of the greatest benefits of plasma donation is helping others. Not only is the plasma donated at Canadian Plasma Resources used to help create life-saving therapies for immunocompromised patients that are especially vulnerable during this time, but it is also being used to help find a potential treatment for COVID-19. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more rewarding than giving back. 

Providing plasma donors with the best donation experience possible is something we pride ourselves on at Canadian Plasma Resources, and we’re always happy to welcome new donors to our centres. Become a donor at Canadian Plasma Resources and experience the numerous benefits of plasma donation for yourself!