Donating Plasma vs. Participating in a Clinical Trial

Wednesday August 2nd, 2017

Fortunately for Canadians, there are a plethora of unique opportunities for citizens to give back to the medical community. While some opt to donate blood, others may choose to participate in a clinical trial so that they can be compensated for their time. Although blood donors in Canada are not currently offered any form of payment, there are opportunities to receive it in the realm of plasma donation.

The medical donation landscape is vast. Therefore, it is certainly wise for those wishing to assist their communities while also earning some supplementary income to weigh their options.

So, which route should you pursue- clinical trial participation or plasma donation? Allow us to examine the two distinct experiences:

Clinical Trials

The importance of clinical trials in the field of medicine cannot be understated. These vital research studies function to test new methods for both preventing and treating a broad variety of diseases and other health concerns. Unable to be studied without the help of everyday individuals, clinical trials rely upon the usage of volunteers to examine the safety and efficacy of medical advancements. Oftentimes, these individuals involved are afflicted with the ailments that the trials are aiming to cure or help manage.

clinical research

While clinical trials are imperative to understand the effects that certain therapies and pharmaceuticals have upon individuals, there are risk factors associated with participating in one.

Although these trials are meticulously designed to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks for participants, each one is different, so you can never be totally confident going in that you wont experience any adverse effects.

Donating Plasma

Often mistaken for being synonymous with blood, plasma is actually the translucent component found within blood that remains once all white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and other cellular components have been removed. Furthermore, plasma is a transporting medium for the body that works to fight illness and clot blood.

Each day, thousands of Canadians rely upon plasma therapies to treat and manage their illnesses so that they can live their lives to the fullest. At this time, however, Canada does not currently receive enough plasma donations to allow for it to rely only on its own citizen donations to manufacture Canadian plasma protein products.

Due to this startling fact, Canadian Plasma Resources is dedicated to increasing the awareness of plasma donation as an option for those good Samaritans who are seeking an additional form of income from their donations.

At the end of the day, plasma is yours to give. While not all provinces allow for plasma donors to be paid for their time, Canadian Plasma Resources understands the commitment associated with becoming a plasma donor and guarantees that our donors receive ample compensation for their immensely appreciated contributions.

If you’re considering becoming a plasma donor, our website provides abundant information on the subject so that you can learn all about the importance of your donation and how you can get started!