Donating Plasma Can Be Fun!

Monday October 2nd, 2017

Becoming a plasma donor does not come without its fair share of perks. Similar to many commitments that require individuals to take time out of their days to be available to participate, at Canadian Plasma Resources, our donors are compensated for their time.

In addition to this, our team is committed to making the donation process a fun experience for all. Here are some of the primary ways that our donors get to enjoy the plasma donation process:


With approximately 50 minutes spent in the donation room per visit, many of our donors love to entertain themselves through engaging in various forms of media. Whether it be by catching up on their favourite shows on our TV’s, or perusing through the magazines we provide – giving plasma provides the perfect opportunity for our donors to kick back and engage with the media they may not always have time to indulge in with their busy schedules.


Everybody needs a little R and R! The problem, however, is that most people fail to take the time to truly relax these days. In our constantly connected culture, being glued to your phone is the norm, and more and more people are forgetting that our brains do need a break sometimes.

The plasma donation process allows donors to forget their to-do lists without feeling guilty that they should be being productive. This in turn allows them to be present, collect themselves, and truly relax for the duration of their appointment!

Monthly Donation Prizes

If you donate plasma at any given time during the month, you are automatically entered into our monthly prize draw that provides one lucky donor with a coveted prize such as NHL or CFL tickets!

Furthermore, if you donate enough times in a quarter, you’re eligible to be entered into our grander quarterly draw. This draw gives winners the option of choosing between a $2000 Air Canada travel voucher and an entertainment package that includes both a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Bose headphones!

While our donors vary in what they prefer to spend their donation time doing, they all agree on one thing – these appointments are all but mundane! At Canadian Plasma Resources, we are committed to ensuring that the donation process is engaging and amusing, so that our donors are encouraged to keep donating and saving lives.

We hope that if you’ve had any concerns over the potential unexciting nature of plasma donation, that the information in this blog has assuaged them!

If you’re interested in booking your first donation appointment, click here for time slot information at our Moncton location, and here for our Saskatoon location!