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Video by: Canadian Plasma Resources

Video by: Canadian Plasma Resources

Video by: Canadian Plasma Resources

Video by: Canadian Plasma Resources

Video by: Canadian Plasma Resources

Video by: Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association PPTA

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I have been giving plasma for the past 2 montgs and i feel grateful knowing i am giving to people in need of plasma. Staff is absolutely amazing and so friendly! Getting 40$ each time is pretty nice! It’s a win win :)) Go try it and you can tell them that Christine Daigle referred you!!

Another great appointment giving Plasma. The staff is very friendly, always ready to answer all my questions. Keep up the good work 🙂

With the nicer weather upon us, the Moncton clinic has become more busy with donors; causing the wait time in the waiting room to increase by an extra 30 minutes.
My question is: Why schedule donor appointments 15 minutes apart when the donation room is full?

I’ve donated to the Saskatoon branch several times with no problem, however on the fourth or fifth donation I had a terrible experience. The nurse who was supposed to be putting a needle in my vein missed by a longshot. AI tried to tell her how far off it was, as I could clearly see and feel it nearly half an inch away. Keep in mind I’ve used this same arm for donating several times before. She then insisted on telling me I was wrong and continually pushed it further and further into my muscle (fairly painful). The other nurse listened and got it, but that arm was bruised all the way up and down the next day. I do not know the terrible nurse’s name but she was of some sort of Middle Eastern descent. I honestly believe she was one of the most rude, unprofessional, and ignorant people I’ve had to deal with in public service in my life. 1/5 stars, will never return.

We’re all aware that blood drives are immensely popular. Everyday, Canadians from coast to coast rely upon blood transfusions to enable them to survive serious illnesses and traumatic accidents.

Due to the huge need for blood donations in Canada, community leaders began promoting blood drives across the country, effectively turning blood donation into a popular and selfless act of service to partake in.

However, there are many other bodily resources that the medical community is in dire need of donations for, such as plasma.

Unfortunately at this point in time, Canada is dependent on the United States for the majority of the plasma that our citizens rely upon each day to manage their illnesses.  

At Canadian Plasma Resources, we’re in the business of saving lives, and therefore we’re committed to getting each of our clinics’ communities excited about donating plasma.

If you’re already one of our generous donors, you’re no stranger to the rewarding feeling that donating plasma can bring. Here’s how you can encourage your friends and family to consider making the choice to become plasma donors themselves.

Share your Story

For your loved ones who are prospective donors, there are few things that will be more encouraging than hearing firsthand about how donating plasma has positively impacted your life.

By sharing your plasma donation story, you can help dispel any myths about the donation process – such as any misconceptions about it hurting, taking up too much time, or being tedious.

Share the Perks

What many don’t realize about becoming a donor with Canadian Plasma Resources is that we truly value our donor’s time. For this reason, we compensate our donors after each donation appointment.

Plus, once your friends catch wind of our monthly and quarterly prize draws, there will be no stopping their desire to become donors. While we understand that our donors aren’t doing it for the prizes, so to speak, we do believe that the service they are providing for their country deserves a reward!

Donate Together

Time is ever evasive, and the amount of it we have for coffee dates and lunch meetings can seem to slip from our grasp before we even have the chance to realize that we’re falling out of touch with those near and dear to us.

So, what better way is there to spend some quality time with those in your inner circle than lining up your donation appointments together so that you can keep each other company during the process?

Plus, having you by their side for their first appointment will make the new experience feel welcoming and warm!

Contact us to book your next donation appointment today!

At Canadian Plasma Resources, we are enthused each day to do everything we can to help individuals living with health conditions that rely on plasma protein products to be treated. We have seen firsthand how our work collecting plasma has greatly impacted thousands of lives across our country for the better.

For prospective donors, however, it’s one thing to know that your plasma is going to go towards helping save lives, and another to read the stories of others across the globe whose lives depend on the plasma you donate.

In fact, it really hits home.

Therefore, we were inspired to collect a few moving stories about the people who rely on plasma donations, as there are several thousands of Canadians who are fighting for their lives just like these brave individuals.

Brayden Bowker

Jethro Morrow

Sandra Duvlock

  • When Sandra was 58 years old, she was diagnosed with dermatomyositis (gradual inflammation of muscles).
  • The gradual inflammation of her muscles had gotten to the point where she was unable to walk, clean or feed herself.
  • After 8 years, the disease is under control, but she still requires her plasma protein therapies.
  • Story –

Canada needs more plasma donors!

At this point in time, 85% of plasma-derived therapies in Canada are imported and manufactured using U.S. source plasma – a risk for the security of supply for Canadian patients and a call to action to inspire our home donors.

If after reading these stories, you feel the drive to do your part in helping end the plasma donation shortage in Canada, book your donation today.

Donate in Moncton NBDonate in Saskatoon, SK

Zach has lived in Saskatoon for over 30 years.  He said he always receive exceptional service from the staff at Canadian Plasma Resources. “Donating plasma has become a regular thing for me ever since I began to learn more about it, and what it can do for people that one day need Plasma.”  Zach said.

Ralf Riedel has donated plasma 430 times. After escaping East Germany in 1989, Reidel settled in Austria where he still lives. He still works as a programmer for a 3-D-laser cutting line, producing prototypes for the automotive industry. He started donating plasma when the center in 1990s. When asked why he decided to become a donor, Riedel replied, “I always had a social attitude. While I would not describe myself as somebody with a helper’s syndrome, I am somebody who usually gives more than he asks back and when I discovered plasma donation I thought that was a great way to help other people without real discomfort.” Two other factors influenced his willingness to donate. As a climber and a former biker, he lost several good friends in accidents. Although, he was unable to help them, the idea that in his donation could contribute saving live was very encouraging. In addition, the birth of his daughter Romana in 1997 inspired him to contribute to something larger, so that in case his daughter might need a transfusion or a replacement therapy she might get it. With the investment of a few hours per donation for more than 20 years, Ralf Riedel has contributed to improving and to saving a multitude of lives. In his modest way, he has assumed responsibility for a larger cause and to help other people without getting anything in return.

Jerry is a 38-year old single father with four children who regularly donates plasma. “I donate because it gives me a sense of helping to contribute to those who need plasma,” he says. “Although my donation may be small to me, it is good to know that it may help save a life.” Jerry has personal experience with life-saving plasma protein therapies. In 1992 during Hurricane Andrew, Jerry was taking cover in his family’s garage when a gas can tipped over, spilled on him and ignited. He suffered second degree burns and received plasma products during his weeklong stay at the Miami Burn Center. Then in 2002, Jerry’s four young children were injured in a fiery car crash, sustaining serious burns. One son sustained second and third degree burns over 39% of his body. Another was injured with second degree burns over 11% of his body. A third son had third degree burns over 50% of his body. And, Jerry’s youngest son received the worst injuries with third degree burns over 69% of his body. The children were treated at Shriner’s Burn Unit in Galveston, Texas, where they received plasma protein therapies throughout their hospitalization and recovery time. The length of hospitalization for the children ranged from one to six months. The children are doing well now and are very active. Jerry has become a dedicated plasma donor. All four of his children visit the playroom at Austin Bio Med Lab, while Jerry donates his life-saving plasma. They enjoy coloring and playing with the other children in the playroom and have made many friends there. The center staff really enjoys having Jerry as a donor and appreciates having the chance to learn firsthand how their work helps save lives.”


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