Centre Opening

Thursday February 18th, 2016

February 18 was an exciting day.

For years, we have had a vision for the plasma industry in Canada. The day we opened our facility in Saskatoon was a significant step forward in realizing that vision.

It includes plans to open facilities in other western Canadian cities and, down the line, a manufacturing facility in Canada.

We know we must walk before we run. Saskatoon is the start, where we have secured the right location for our facility, the approval of Health Canada for our operations and the backing of the local government.

Being encouraged by the Saskatchewan government helps us secure a brighter future for Canada.

We appreciate Health Minister Dustin Duncan visiting that day to share his view that Canada should work towards self-sufficiency when it comes to the plasma donation and plasma therapies. His acknowledgement of the need to rely on paid donors is an important validation of our work.

We agree that paying Canadian donors, rather than relying on American ones paid there, helps ensure a stable supply of plasma therapies that change and even save the lives of tens of thousands of patients in this country.

We also appreciate Erin Harder of the Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization sharing the importance of our work to patients. Our work is for their benefit.

We look forward to meeting and developing our relationship with donors in and around Saskatoon. They make what we do possible.

Thank you in advance for your interest and commitment to helping others by wanting to donate. You are the start of what we intend to be a vital and progressive step forward in health care in Canada.