Everything Great about our Superhero Rewards Program

Friday September 15th, 2017

Superheroes walk among us. Don’t buy it? Allow us to elaborate.

While those comic book heroes bestowed with remarkable powers to save the world may not actually exist in reality, at Canadian Plasma Resources, we consider our donors to be superheroes.


Simply put, our donors dedicate themselves to helping those who rely on plasma protein products live their best lives. By making the commitment to become plasma donors, these superheroes take time out of their busy schedules to do just one thing – help.

We believe that those who perform good deeds deserve to be rewarded, and that is why Canadian Plasma Resources created the Superhero Rewards program!

Do you believe that you possess the selfless heart necessary to become a donation superhero?

Here is everything you need to know about our Super Hero Rewards program:

So what are Superhero Rewards?

Based on monthly and quarterly prize draws valued at over $2000, our popular donor loyalty program offers donors points each time they complete a donation.

First off, once you register as a plasma donor, you will receive your Superhero card that allows you to collect your points!

Similar to many rewards programs, there are different levels that our superheroes can reach in their point collection journey. At the beginning, all donors start off at the orange level, which makes them eligible to enter our monthly draw if they have donated plasma that month.

However, once a donor has reached silver or gold level, they are then eligible to participate in our higher-valued quarterly prize draws!

Prizes and Rewards

While our plasma donors receive monetary compensation for their contributions, the service they are providing is so necessary and great that we believe they deserve even more tokens of appreciation for their donations.

Just this year, our aforementioned monthly draw has given away a plethora of popular prizes such as NHL tickets, CFL tickets, and even gift cards to big box stores!

Our quarterly draw, however, offers our most coveted prizes. This draw gives winners the option of choosing between a $2000 Air Canada travel voucher and an entertainment package that includes both a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Bose SoundLink II Over-Ear Wireless Headphones that are even equipped with a mic!

So yes, while the chances of you spotting a muscular man in a cape flying over you to put out a blazing inferno are slim to none, at Canadian Plasma Resources, we believe in the power of our donation superheroes.

Can’t wait to get your hands on your superhero rewards card? Drop us a line and book your first donation appointment today!