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A Day in the Life of a Centre Administrator at Canadian Plasma Resources

May 1, 2023

Meet Jester Onin Magaling! Jester is the Centre Administrator at our Calgary centre. Centre administrators are responsible for overseeing the day to day operations at our centres, from managing donor relationships to ensuring that our staff have everything that they need to succeed.

Pre-work prep

One thing that we at CPR have in common with Jester is that we believe in the importance of a balanced breakfast before coming to our centre.

Prior to donating plasma, it’s important that you keep your key nutrient levels up to ensure a smooth donation process and recovery. Aim to eat a healthy meal that’s rich in iron and protein to pass the health screening required to donate plasma!

Foods that are rich in iron include:

  • Grains: Oats, quinoa, spelt, whole wheat products, and iron-fortified products.
  • Fruit: Figs, dates, raisins, watermelon, and strawberries.
  • Vegetables: Broccoli, string beans, cabbage, potatoes, and dark leafy greens. 

Foods that are rich in protein include:

  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Fish and shellfish.
  • Lean meats and poultry.
  • Beans, peas, and lentils.

Jester describes breakfast as their “main preparation for the day,” and we couldn’t agree more. 

“I do not go to work without eating breakfast,” Jester said. We love to hear it!

A typical work day

“My favourite part of being the Center Administrator is being able to support the department that needs some help,” Jester said. 

When things get stressful at the centre, Jester enjoys talking with other staff members to unwind, or play a quick cellphone game.

You can also unwind at our centre as a plasma donor. When you donate plasma, you have an hour of me-time during the plasmapheresis process to relax and unwind. Whether, like Jester, you want to play a game on your phone, read a book, catch up on your favourite TV show or phone a friend, it’s an hour of time that you’re earning extra cash without having to work – and when else can you say that!

The post-work wind down

Jester was promoted from Donation Hall Supervisor to Centre Administrator. Because of this promotion, once the Centre Administrator work is finished, Jester goes to the donation hall “to support staff wherever needed.” 

One of the ways that you can support your post-plasma donation recovery is by grabbing a snack and a bottle of water from reception. Winding down with a nutrient-rich bite to eat and proper hydration is key after your appointment!

Visit a CPR centre today

“Working in CPR is very fun especially with the diversity of the staff that we have,” Jester said. 

“We learn a lot with each other. Some staff have some problems of their own and when they work at CPR, they tend to forget their problems. I think all of the staff here know that I am always behind their back supporting them all the time and that is very special to me.”

Thank you to Jester for sharing the kind words and their experience as a Centre Administrator here at CPR! Book your appointment today and help patients in need receive the treatments that they require. And make sure to thank the staff members who you interact with – connecting with each other is one of the perks of being a donor, as well.