5 Tips for Donating Healthier Plasma

Friday September 8th, 2017

Each day thousands of Canadians rely upon Plasma protein products to manage their illnesses and go about living their best lives, a fact that would not be possible if it weren’t for all the selfless donors across our country. However, not all plasma is equal in terms of quality.

If you’re considering becoming a donor, you know that the plasma you donate has the power to save lives. Knowing that, you certainly want to be confident that the plasma you’re donating is giving doctors the best chance to do just that. In fact, the last thing you would want to see is that you are giving cloudy plasma, simply because you missed out on the following information.

So What is Cloudy Plasma?

This type of plasma is considered cloudy because it is thickened due to the amount of fat inside of it. Fortunately, the causes of cloudy plasma can typically be traced back to your diet. Eating a high fat diet is one of the worst ways that donors can inadvertently sabotage their donation eligibility, because it causes cloudy plasma that is not clean.

Top Tips to Donating Cleaner Plasma

Did you eat a burger the other day? Fret not! Our team at Canadian Plasma Resources has compiled this collection of tips to ensure that the plasma you’re donating is of the highest quality:

Fill up on healthy protein and iron

By filling your plate with protein and iron rich foods such as eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, yogurt, chicken, beans, broccoli, and even more – you can nip any cloudy plasma perils right in the bud! Check out our health and nutrition guidelines to learn more.

Avoid Unnecessary Junk Food

You wouldn’t want to squash your healthy eating efforts by supplementing with high fat foods that cause cloudy plasma such as pizza, chips, and French fries, would you?

Steer clear of drugs and alcohol

This one is a no-brainer. Drugs and alcohol are never included in a healthy diet regimen, and thus must be avoided at all costs.

Come well rested

When we sleep, our bodies go into reparation and healing mode. So make sure to catch some zzz’s the night before your donation to ensure you’re feeling your best!

Get some exercise before your appointment

Exercising is proven to reduce lipid levels in the body, otherwise known as the cause of cloudy plasma.

Ensure you are healthy, drug-free, and eligible

As previously touched upon, plasma donation is not for everyone. Peruse our eligibility requirements to learn more.

Book To Donate Your Healthy Plasma Today

By following these plasma donation tips, you can rest assured knowing you will maintain your donor status and continue positively impacting the lives of your fellow Canadians.

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